The INSITE Fund is a grant program administered by RedLine and made possible by the The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts Regional Regranting program. This fund responds to the gap in funding support for artist-driven projects on Colorado’s Front Range. INSITE is a 2-year, $60,000.00 per year, grant program, adding to and reinforcing the importance of funding opportunities that are accessible directly to artists working in an expansive field of ideas, audiences and visual arts practices.

Visual Arts

INSITE Fund awards grants to public facing visual arts projects that take place beyond the studio, museum, art center or traditional gallery setting.

INSITE Fund specifically seeks to support projects that expand the public’s understanding of the visual arts. The intended outcome of the funding is to make visible often unseen and under-supported artistic activity, and to cultivate engaged communities around the work.


Projects must take place within a 115 mile radius of Denver, within in the state of Colorado. Geographic boundaries for the grant funding area are Norfolk to the North, Pueblo to the South, Akron to the East, and Wolcott to the West.

Funding Amounts:

In 2024 INSITE Fund will award 6-12 grants of $5,000-$10,000 each for a total $60,000 in grant funding. We encourage applicants to consider all expenses related to their project, including production, marketing, reception, and documentation.

Eligibility requirements:

  1. All projects must be anchored in a visual arts practice.

  2. Grant funds are intended for individual artists and artist collectives.

  3. The fund does not support 501(c)3 (non profit) organizations. The fund is meant to support short-term initiatives, events, and new collaborations.

  4. Funded projects must take place within a 115 mile radius of Denver, within in the state of Colorado

  5. Lead artist/organizer must reside within a 115 mile radius of Denver, within in the state of Colorado.

  6. Funded projects should take place outside of the traditional gallery, art center, studio, or museum location.

  7. The fund does not support an individual’s ongoing studio practice, underwrite exhibitions in existing program schedules, or works of traditional theater.

  8. Projects must be completed within a 12-month grant cycle.

  9. Projects must be presented in publicly accessible spaces, with covid precautions taken into consideration as needed.

Jury Considerations:

  ● Location (Is the project within the geographic region?)

  ● Audience engagement (Does the project take place in a publicly accessible space?)

  ● Innovation / Authenticity (Does the project add to and expand definitions/understandings of the visual arts?)

  ● Collaboration (How does the project leverage collaboration in service of audience engagement?)

  ● Professional Presentation / Performance / Execution (Does the concept and presentation of the concept demonstrate artistic strength and merit?)


Arts in Society requires that final narrative and financial reports be submitted together within 60 days of the completion of the funded project and no later than the date stated in the grant award letter, or as modified in subsequent correspondence. Grant recipients who do not submit final reports are ineligible for further Arts in Society funding. If unusual circumstances arise that may create delays in reporting or significantly alter the progress of the funded project, please promptly inform the Arts in Society Program Manager.

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