The ArtPark is located at 1930 35th Street. This RedLine Satellite is a unique, temporary (5-Year) opportunity to be in partnership with Focus Points - CoCuA (similar to Comal) which incubates culinary business start-ups within immigrant communities, The Denver Public Library and the River North Art District to develop a campus of like-minded and community-driven organizations in the Globeville-Elyria-Swansea neighborhood. The campus includes 8 artist studios that will be managed by RedLine and subleased to emerging and mid-career artists for one year with a one year option to renew. All artists are invited to apply and studios will be awarded through a community-selection process.   Satellite Studios are not part of RedLine’s primary 2-year Artist-in-Residence program and thus that they are not fully-funded and require a $235/month rent per participating artist based on studio size. Participating artists will, however, will have access to the programmatic offerings, professional development and networking that RedLine’s residency provides including facilitation of open studio days, studio visits and programmatic opportunities. Studios range from 150 - 180 sq. Ft and will be available starting this November. Lease-terms will begin on November 1, 2022.
Eligibility: RedLine is prioritizing artists who have connections to the surrounding neighborhoods including Five Points, Globeville-Elyria-Swansea, Cole and Whittier, and does not or will not have an existing studio as of September 1, 2022. Artists should apply who are interested in this creative campus as an opportunity to collaborate with like-minded artists, the neighborhood and the organizations that share the campus (Focus Points - CoCuA and The Denver Public Library). Alto Gallery is RedLine's primary partner for operating the gallery space that the studios surround and presents monthly exhibitions on First Fridays. The River North Arts District and the Library also frequently hold programs and opportunities that artists at the ArtPark are able to participate in, if interested.
Requirements: The RedLine Satellite Studios require a one year lease with an option to renew for one year. Artists have to be willing to participate in an active community of artists and program partners that share the campus. RedLine
Application Opens: September 7, 2022
Site Tour: September 17, 4PM
Application Deadline: October 10, 2022
Selection Committee Review: October 13, 2022
Applicants Notified: October 15, 2022.

Application Checklist
Name (first / last)
Address (Street, City, State)
Website (if applicable)
Artist Statement or Bio
Primary Medium

  1. Please describe one opportunity you believe this Satellite Studio program will bring to your career and practice as an artist?
  2. What is one challenge that you face in your current practice and how will this studio space help you to potentially address that challenge, if at all?
  3. The ArtPark is a campus that includes indoor/outdoor space, a branch of the Denver Public Library, and a Focus Points culinary incubator project entitled CoCuA Please share one idea you would like to potentially explore if awarded a studio within this shared campus of partners and/or with the fellow studio artists? To learn more about the partners, please visit:
  4. Please share what connection or history you have to the neighborhood or surrounding neighborhoods, residents, businesses or organizations? 
  5. Do you have any accessibility needs? 
  6. Is there anything else you would like to share?

About RedLine Contemporary Art Center
RedLine is a nonprofit contemporary art center that fosters education and engagement between artists and communities to create positive social change. Learn More at

About Alto Gallery - is a nonprofit contemporary art gallery founded in February of 2016 by 501(c)3 Birdseed Collective. Learn More at

About Denver Public Library 

About River North Art District
About CuCuA
CoCuA is a new social enterprise from Focus Points Family Resource Center, a non-profit based in the Elyria-Swansea neighborhood of Denver.  CoCuA, an acronym for Community Culinary Accelerator is the sister program of Comal Heritage Food Incubator, a training program for low-income immigrant and refugee women who are aspiring food entrepreneurs.  CoCuA expands on Comal's incubator concept and focuses on accelerating established microbusinesses.  This is accomplished by creating a program that integrates education with daily business operations.  CoCuA will offer commissary spaces for a number of small businesses, while operating a cafe and retail space to serve the Cole, Globeville, Elyria-Swansea, and Five Points communities.   With personal and business development resources, as well as continuing education available to participating business owners, the goal of the program is to accelerate each business out of CoCuA and transition to a space in line with their personal and business goals.
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