Checking In 

This is a call to artists, institutions, musicians, organizations and community members to respond to this moment with what you have been working on, working through, thinking about, or wanting to offer.

As people, in this moment of physical separation, we are existing untethered to institutional space but rather exploring or confronting deeply personal space, unexamined space, a space of shelter and separation. Checking In seeks to offer a platform to present the work of our communities during these challenging times of economic collapse, social injustice, health crises and global uncertainties. Checking In connects ideas with resources, people with partners, performance with platforms. In form, it will follow the form of a progressive dinner where partners, programs and exhibitions will be added within the three-month timeframe. 

And yet, our creative and cultural communities are never static and within this pandemic, as communities, we have been checking in; we are calling, texting, tweeting, posting, video conferencing, protesting, advocating or retreating. In this moment of spatial collapse, we are building virtual communities that bypass or dismiss walls, boundaries, or geographic limitations. We are living beyond institutions and shaping civic and human-centered space.  We have been both slowing down and speeding up, but always creating or making space for what can heal vs. harm, build vs. destroy, accommodate vs. require.  

This is a call for action, and call for art, a call for content, a call to communities to check-in and share what we have not been able to share but would like a way to share, express, offer or exchange. 

Partners & Partner Spaces List: 

Access Gallery

Alto Gallery (offering an exhibition) 


Art Students League of Denver (Courtyard, Exterior Spaces) 

Black Cube (tbd) 

Bonfils-Stanton Foundation (offering a installation window) 

Boulder Creative Collective

Boulder Museum Of Contemporary Art

Center for Visual Arts

Cleo Parker Robinson Dance (Offer a wall for a mural)

Colorado Photographic Art Center

Denver Theatre District (Night Lights equipment on the D&F Tower & potentially LEDs) 

Denver Project for Humanistic Inquiry | - submit readings at or at

HyperKulturemia Gallery

Museo De Las Americas 

New Genres Collective x Koko Bayer 

Odessa Nomadic 

Old Market Street Station: 16th -18th & Blake Street 

Parking Lot:  4890 Zuni; Zuni 49 LLC

Privately owned/Public Studio: 6th & Gilpin Street

Privately owned Garden: Curtis Street (for sculpture) 

Privately owned Garden: York Street (for sculpture / installation / or performance) 

Rafferty Gardens Porch

RedLine (group exhibition in main exhibition hall)

Rocky Mountain Land Library 

Salon Rosalee (offering a window installation) 

Slam Nuba

Suchitra Mattai Studio 

S*Park Sustainable Living: Exhibition Space & Outdoor Sculpture & Indoor Mural

Tilt West (virtual platform)

The Temple


York 38 LLC

Submissions will be paired will be recommended to partner spaces based on space resource, please allocate your space preference in your submission and a community-led process will do our best to pair artist with space preference and logistics. 

RedLine Contemporary Art Center