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About Take Note Colorado:

The goal of Take Note is to provide all K-12 students in Colorado access to musical instruments and instruction. Many students lack access to music instruction because of financial barriers or racial and social inequities in music instruction. By providing resources that advance innovative and equitable approaches to music instruction, Take Note seeks to ensure that all students in Colorado experience the power of music making. We privilege efforts that are highly inclusive, student-centered and culturally responsive.

Grant Program Overview:

The Take Note Colorado grant program is a responsive, competitive opportunity for individuals and organizations statewide to offer highly inclusive, culturally relevant and student-centered music instruction. Individuals and organizations can apply for up to $10,000 to develop programming that meets Take Note’s goal.

 Strong applications will:

  • Demonstrate a clear and valid understanding of a population that lacks access to music and the economic, social, racial, geographic or other reasons for this lack of access;
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of the needs and perspectives of the students served;
  • Identify a specific challenge and opportunity to advance equity in music education;
  • Propose to fill a specific gap with highly innovative, inclusive and culturally relevant programming that can be shown in the application to be responsive to student interest;
  • Demonstrate staff and organizational experience in providing instruments and instruction to diverse communities in impactful and sustainable ways;
  • Include an evaluation plan to understand whether or not the project succeeded in increasing access (Who was impacted by the program and how do you know?);
  • Involve staff and partners who can connect with and relate to students served;
  • Emphasize sustained music making and other experiential approaches to music instruction;
  • Conduct programming impactfully online or by following current public health guidelines for in-person activities.

We also look for proposals that have strong community partnerships, plans for sustainability beyond Take Note funding, and responsible and realistic budgeting. See our Guidelines and FAQs for more information on eligible and ineligible requests.

Grant Guidelines: 

The TNC grant program is designed to help achieve Take Note’s goal of providing access to musical instruments and/or instruction to all K-12 students in Colorado. We are looking for individuals and organizations statewide that can offer highly innovative and equitable music instruction to students in Colorado who currently and regularly lack access. 

Basic Eligibility

  • Individuals, nonprofits and music instruction businesses that serve or can serve students throughout Colorado, except Denver County. Denver is served by Take Note through the Denver Music Advancement Fund. See FAQ for more clarification. 

Applications will not be considered for:

  • General operating support for normal business activities.
  • Professional development or training that does not result directly in instruction to students.
  • Instruments without instruction.
  • Activities that enhance music instruction for students who already receive it, unless the enhancements specifically expand participation to groups who lack access.
  • Performance fees or tickets to music performances not tied to a program that expands access.
  • Private lessons.

Applicant Eligibility

  • Teaching artists, nonprofit music providers, library districts, municipalities or quasi-governmental entities, creative districts, and music businesses are eligible to apply.
  • Schools (private and public) and school districts are ineligible. Representatives from schools and school districts with ideas on how to deliver equitable and innovative music instruction should contact Take Note directly. Please direct inquiries to info@takenotecolorado.org. 
    • Providers working with schools should include a letter of support from the appropriate representative of the school or district outlining the specific commitment of the school or district.

Timing of the Grant

  • The 2020 grant round will open in September; we expect to open the first grant round will open in October. 
  • Funds may be requested for activities happening within 12 months of the grant opening date. 

Support Types

  • Funds should cover access to instruments and instruction to students, including music making technology and fees for providing instruction.
  • Funds cannot be used for non-music equipment.
  • Overhead, including transportation costs, to deliver the program must be essential to the program and not incidental operational costs.


1. What counties or regions in Colorado are eligible for grant funding? 

      We seek proposals that can serve communities throughout the state, especially in rural and otherwise underserved communities. However, because Take Note partners with Denver Arts and Venues through its Denver Music Advancement Fund to support our work in Denver county, applicants from Denver county are ineligible unless they are providing services outside of Denver county. Nonprofits, teaching artists and other providers statewide are eligible. If you're providing services in Denver county, apply for funds through the Denver Music Advancement Fund. 

2.  I want to apply on behalf of a school. Am I eligible for funding? 

     No. Take Note works directly with school districts statewide to advance our goals. This grant program is for non-school based providers, such as nonprofits, teaching artists, and other instrument and instruction providers.  

3. Do I need to speak to the COVID-19 pandemic in my application? 

    Yes. Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, applicants must also address how programs will be executed to follow state and local public health guidelines. Virtual programs should explain the expertise, experience, and technology needed to teach online, as well as student access to internet and computer hardware. In-person activities must address public health guidelines and how activities will be adjusted if more restrictive public health orders are mandated during the funded program. Please reference your county’s health orders. Please address how students served and program impacts may change if a program transitions from in-person to online. 

4. Are there other opportunities besides the grant program for funding through Take Note? 

    The Take Note Colorado Grant Program is the only funding mechanism we have currently. We partner with and fund school districts, community-based organizations, musicians, businesses, and other entities based on learnings from prior year partnerships and the unique needs of each district, county, and region. We consistently evolve our approach to ensure that Take Note is effective in increasing equitable access to musical instruments and instruction for Colorado students. Beyond the grant program, we do not accept unsolicited requests for funding. 


The application for the Take Note Colorado Grant Program opens in the fall of 2020. We will announce the official date shortly. Please review the Guidelines and FAQs above before applying. Log in below or create a new profile to access the application. For more information about Take Note Colorado, please visit our website.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.